Boat Consignment Program

Customer must agree that JNT’S Marine Pros LLC will show the boat and lake demonstrate the boat if required.


Customer must authorize JNT’S Marine Pros LLC to test engine in order to report to potential customers the condition thereof.


The boat must be delivered cleaned and vacuumed. If cleaning is required JNT’S Marine Pros LLC shall provide the cleaning service.


Customer is responsible for winterization and storage fees after October 1st.


Seller warrants that the boat is in working order. If mechanical problems are detected, Seller has the option of authorizing repairs. The cost of the repairs will be due upon completion of work. Failure to make repairs voids this contract agreement.


There is a 60-day contract from the date of signatures by both parties. If the contract is amended, cancelled or extended, it must be by mutual agreement of both parties. Any customer procured by either party within the dates of this contract will be subject to all terms and conditions herein. It is also understood that we will not be responsible for loss or damage to unit (or articles left in or with the unit) in case of fire, theft, accident, inclement weather conditions or any other cause beyond our control. It is also your responsibility to maintain insurance.